A customer is like a guest

You do not have a second chance to make a first impression, so it is very important that you are always smiling, inspiring and giving the customer a warm welcoming. Body language is more powerful than words, so make sure you have a positive attitude.

A customer is like a guest, so you have to see yourself as the host. Your guests at home are different, and so are your customers. Pay attention to the little things and you will save a lot of time. They are more important than you think.

When you know which type of customer you have, then you can find the right item and give the customer the correct information.

Storytelling is very important today, because a lot of customers for instans already have a pair of jeans, so you have to know what to say to sell another pair.

If you can tell them, what they need before they find it themselves, then you will have a very good and loyal customer. If a customer asks for a dress, always find out what kind of dress the customer wants. You have to give them a total look. Do not hesitate to ask, if you should find a pair of shoes to match the dress, show them other accessories, give advice about makeup and hair styling to the dress, if the customer has interest. As a sales advisor you have to understand that it is important to know more than just about clothes and trends. A lot of customers do not have time to find the perfect hairdresser, the best beauty salon or the newest restaurant. You have to inspire the customer and tell about new things. If a customer gets an exceptionel good shopping experience, trust me, you will have a very loyal customer, who will only ask for you in the shop. I think that is the biggest compliment you can get, because we all know that time is money.

Make sure the customer feels at home, make a cup of coffee, show them around the shop. If a customer buys a lot of things from your shop, maybe give them a little gift or celebrate it with them serving champagne.

If a customer asks for something, you do not have in the shop, do not hesitate to help the customer to find it, - maybe you find shops or go with the customer to another shop. Make sure to follow up on the customer (aftersale), because you can build an ongoing relationship with them. Send the customer a picture, when you get the new collection from their favourite brand ( pre- sale). Listen carefully to what the customer is saying to you, so you know what to speak about next time they visit the shop. Always remember the customer's name, shoe size and so on and find clothes that fits the customer's style and bodytype. The most important thing is to make the customer look and feel more confident and beautiful. If the pants they try on - do not look good on the customer - then tell them, because if you tell them they look wonderful each time they try on a new item - do you really think they will come back to you another time? Furthermore you have to find out what they do for a living, because maybe they have a dresscode at work or they travel a lot.

When you are dealing with a tourist then maybe help them with a booking at a restaurant, follow them to other shops, maybe they would like you to send their bags to the hotel so they do not have to carry all the bags by themself. Maybe you write a thank you note or send them a Christmas card.

Excellence service is about doing more than expected and always remember that a good customer is a very easy way to achieve more new customers, because next time the customer visits the shop, she will bring her friends.