Service excellence in Beauty and Makeup

In the field of Beauty and Makeup services according to me, the most important criteria to meet is Clients requirements. 

A lot of the time we end up buying products that don't suit us or that we really don't need. This is because we fall prey to the sales talk. 

As a Makeover Artist and Consultant, I prefer to suggest to  women the most Apt products and techniques to suit  their lifestyle. I try and understand the requirements of a client, be it Bride,  Celebrity,  Model. Each of them have very different requirements normally.  

In my Workshop I would cater to the clients lifestyle needs. And teach techniques in accordance. I would not suggest too many products, rather a few that multitasking. 

Flexibility is another service essential in my field.  If at the last moment the client feels a change in mind of style for hair or Makeup, I would oblige. Change in location happens sometimes and so does time.  

Customer satisfaction is the final product. It's all in the feeling.  If a client feels great and looks great, that's all that matters. Some client are brave and bold to try new looks, where as others are most comfortable with looks they have tried before. 

Gayathri Menon

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