The art of hospitality

Sometimes the best moments in life are humble, cherished, and don’t cost a
fortune. Think back to the time you received a complimentary upgrade, or when the
barista remembered your order and greeted you by name, the charismatic bar
tender who curated the perfect evening, or finding yourself lost in a new city where
a stranger offers directions voluntarily. These small moments create an experience,
and change your perception of a situation, time, or place. This is hospitality.
The art-form of hospitality is a guilty pleasure of mine, having spent 15 years in
hotel, and client relationship management. We derive pleasure from creating
moments for guests, visitors or strangers. It is generosity and a passion for making
people happy, and I expect my peers to share the same sentiment. After all, we
created an industry out of selling an intangible item, experience, or moment.
Hospitality, like all art, requires passion, perseverance and grit. It requires a certain
type of person to come to work each day and carefully orchestrate moments for
strangers, not always bearing witness to their enjoyment or receiving the praise.
Maya Angelou stated it perfectly, when she said; “People will forget what you said,
forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This
represents true hospitality.
I have witnessed through my own experiences and lengthy career, that this art form
seems to be losing significance. Will hospitality eventually be lost to time, like the
bygone days of drive-in-movies, romance of railway travel, and the formality of
dressing for dinner? I hope not. I hope to incentivize hospitality, and safeguard it for
future generations to show all industries the greatness of this art form and the
importance of the curators. Let’s take a moment to recognize the unsung heroes
who didn’t change history, win wars, and who’s name you have forgotten. The
heroes who orchestrate rare moments that make us ‘feel’, as Maya Angelou so eloquently captured. This is the art of hospitality.

Sofie – Claire Di Donato
Business Consultant
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