Seeking authenticity when going shopping

This summer my family and I spent some lovely time in the Northern part of Denmark in a little area called Tisvilde. What makes this place so special to us is that we are very much in touch with nature. We go for walks in the forest, we swim in the sea every day and we take the children to see the local farms where we can see the goats, chickens and pigs. Most of what we buy when we are up there is locally produced. Fresh eggs, vegetables, fish and fruit. One of the farms grow strawberries and they have built their brand around the experience they provide for families coming to their farm. You can go in the field and pick your own strawberries, you can get 6 different kinds of strawberry ice creams or strawberry jams. When you are there you are highly interacting with the farmer which makes the experience so much more authentic.

I believe that people are more and more seeking the personalized service and the authentic experience. Local communities can contribute very well to this but how can the rest of us provide an experience for our customers that is unique and personalized?