Showing empathy towards the customer

I think you got the right idea that I was delighted about my visit with Iben from NIMB.  She shared a story from Disney Land where a father and son were cueing for the rollercoaster. They had cued for quite a while and when it was finally their turn it turned out that the boy was too short for the ride. The conductor could have dealt with it by just sending them off. In stead he knelt down and said to the boy: “Your father has obviously not seen the sign that there is a height limit for this ride” “Don’t worry you can come up and sit in the front with me and your father can ride in the back”. And he put a conductor hat on the boy and let the boy sit in the front. The boy was thrilled. This story is more fun sharing than a story about a boy who got turned away and it still teaches the parents a lesson that they must respect the height limits. And this is showing empathy towards the customer and it made the customer feel valued and understood. I am sure this little boy and his family will be forever loyal to Disneyland.