Employee recognition

My friend took me to PUNCH in town. We sat nicely overviewing the kitchen where the action was on. A gentleman in a blue linen shirt was making the coffee and my friend pointed out he was the manager. Enjoying my smashed avocado sandwich I nearly fell off my chair when the manager and the staff suddenly yelled out – I have no idea what they said and by who’s initiative it was – but it sparked such an energy in the room and an obvious bond between the staff. They share a service culture and their outcry was a booster for them as well as for us. PUNCH had a photo exhibition on and the photographer came in as we were there. The manager quickly opened a bottle of champagne which he poured out to the photographer, himself and the staff to celebrate the photographer. It was impressive to see the involvement from the staff and how the manager inspired the staff to work as a team and to together commit to the engaged service culture that we as guests felt and experienced. A great way of recognizing all staff members as part of the PUNCH team.