Engaging with your audience

Just went through the reviews from the Coldplay concert: Coldplay put on a carnival-like, kaleidoscopic show, Coldplay and their awesome rainbow connection in Singapore, Coldplay performs stellar first night in Singapore, Coldplay live up to the hype, Coldplay wows fans with a technicolor dream… The headlines say it all. Coldplay put on a marvelous performance and lived up to the expectations of 100.000 people over 2 nights. They engaged the audience by the music, the colors and the balloons. Everybody was singing their songs. Imagine having that kind of loyalty from your customers. Imagine having stirred your customer’s emotions to such a degree that they are singing your lyrics, using your brand as a verb (I’ll google it?), using your slogan (just do it?). We all have our different ways of engaging with customers, fans, guests. Coldplay does it through their songs, their music videos, their performances and their humanity. How do you engage with your customer?