Brand ambassadors

Boutique Fairs has grown to become the GO-TO event twice a year. I went for the one in March and was overwhelmed by the energy of creative and dynamic vendors and customers. The community is strong and something everyone, either expat or local, want to be a part of in Singapore. I was fortunate to meet with Charlotte who runs the Boutique Fairs and her compassion, intellect and drive is amazing. She handpicks the brands herself and supports the brands in how they best can benefit from the Fair. It is not only about making money but it is a chance to show their brand to consumers, hear their feedback through direct interaction where designers can touch consumer’s emotions with their story. Charlotte has herself a great story and is inspiring in the way she empowers people, especially women, to pursue their dreams and to create and build on good ideas. We spoke about service and the importance of bringing your brand to life and in creating brand ambassadors. Are you bringing out your brand's full potential and inspiring others to venture on your journey?