Experiencing products in their natural setting

Every Sunday we take my daughter to Taekwando. After this we rush to fill up our tummies. Our new favorite location is House of Anli Bistrot. We had always been intrigued by House of Anli interiors which is a flagship store offering a beautiful collection of furniture, linen, tableware and home accessories. With the bistrot they have taken it to a new level. You sit in the most relaxed and charming surroundings, eating delicious food from the tableware sold in the store. Your senses are stimulated at a higher degree. The staff are super friendly and inviting and you could not feel more welcome. My daughter was craving for a ham, cheese sandwich which was not on the menu – but they showed great flexibility and made it happen. They have conquered regular guests for sure.

The best way to get customers to fall in love with your products is to let them experience them by using all the senses. The smells from the kitchen, the smiles and proactive service from the staff, the feel of the cutlery, the coffee even tasted better from those cups. This experience we had will definitely lead us to be buying from their tableware. Well done House of Anli.