The little things that count

My husband and I just came back from a small trip to Siem Riep, Cambodia. Absolutely worth a visit. We stayed at a Boutique Hotel called The Aviary. The hotel itself was beautifully designed but what really struck us was the immense welcoming and personal service. They adapted a Temple visit to our needs with a personal Tuk Tuk driver and they were there to welcome us with cooling towels when we got back from the outing. In the morning, they were always there to open the door for us for breakfast and they were effective with coffee and clearing plates. They were discreet yet attentive. It was the perfect balance. When we relaxed at their pool in their lounging chairs they would come with a small plate with fresh fruit beautifully laid out. A surprising and spoiling little detail. They made us feel very special and showed great interest in us. I have found this kind of service rare at hotels and it was therefore even more of delight to find it here in this small sanctuary in the middle of the buzzing city. Good service is easy when you:

·      Show a genuine interest in your guest

·      Care for your guests and go out of your way with little details that surprise and delight.

·      Address your guests needs in a proactive manner

What extra detail are you doing for your customer in order to surprise and delight them?