June 2019

The moment I learned about what Alex’s offering is, I knew right away that I had to engage her! So I booked a private brainstorming session with Alex without having an idea of what to expect - and she completely surpassed any (non) expectations.

Alex is not someone who just shows up on the day itself, but she was with me, caring and holding my hands way before our session... gently pushing me in the right direction by asking me questions that only my heart can answer.

She also clearly thought a lot about my needs and industry before our session itself - making the day itself super fun, effective, and efficient.

I am so so grateful to have come across this customer service guru who is clearly not short of brilliant surprising ideas. Someone who is one hundred and one percent genuine, sincere, giving and here to genuinely help you raise your game rather than just earn your money.

Alex, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, your love, your patience and your sense of fun. I had such a wonderful session with you - time just flew by in the wink of an eye. You have a gift of tapping into your client’s minds and needs. It’s amazing.

I look forward to our future Skype sessions!

Mishelle Leong

November 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Alexandra on the Singapore Design Fair at the Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore. Alexandra’s passion and creativity is contagious, she constantly comes up with unique and exciting ideas, and is never afraid to think out side the box. She has a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life, regardless of industry or culture. Alexandra is an inspiration both professionally and personally.

Marie Holm Tiemroth

Event organizer
Danish Seamen’s Church, Singapore
— http://www.dkchurch.com/
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June 2018

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Alexandra Ravn Birger Christensen owner of ARBC Luxury Retail Consultancy.

I am the founder of BWNASIA Pte Ltd a large Business Women Network assisting thousands of women succeed in Business by providing business training, mentor sessions, online community, a business magazine and much more.

When I met Alexandra for the first time I was extremely impressed on her professionalism, her knowledge, and more importantly the way she portrayed the importance of customer service to my members.

I soon approached Alexandra to be part of our team to conduct workshops, interact with the members, and contribute to educating the members of the BWNASIA Community.  She has been a real asset to our team setting a real example with her dedication and passion on helping others transform and educate on all aspects of customer service from the marketing to face to face.

If you are looking for someone who will invest time in you and your business and assures you receives maximum results, I would recommend Alexandra from ARBC Luxury Retail Consultancy.

Michelle McFarlane, Founder and CEO, BWNASIA Pte Ltd.

May 2018

Alex helped me think a lot more deeply about the customer experience from many different aspects. She was extremely insightful and quickly got a good grasp of the unique conditions of my business. The session was highly personalised within a solid and thorough framework.

I would highly recommend the service provided by ARBC and give it a rating of 10.

Artist Jennifer Lim

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March 2018

Friendly, confident, informative and practical!

I thought Alexandra covered targeted subject brilliantly within 5 hours.

All of the feedback I have had from the attendees has been extremely positive – with individuals complimenting how relevant and useful the training covered was. The session was thorough and clear format along with role play, cut to the heart of the matter quickly. I believe that this should make a real difference to the level of Customer Services we are able to provide to our customers. Looking forward to our next training session!

Lauren Kim

Managing Director



January 2018

We are incredibly grateful for Alexandra's profession regarding Communication, Service & Retail expertise.

When starting a new business, away from your domestic market, facing new cultures and new manners - it's important to work with someone who understands how to interlink needs and wishes from both directions.

Alexandra's skills within team building and communicative humility, has helped us through the launch of our first flagship store in Asia.

I look forward to a continued cooperation on new exciting projects.

Hanna Lynggaard

Retail Director


October 2017

La Tierra thanks Alex (ABRC) for the services she has rendered. Especially creating a focus group for La Tierra; with which they came up with the need of having a proper gift package with its social cause printed, especially since it’s a social enterprise.
Alex helped in creating awareness about the authenticity of hand crafted La Tierra products by helping us create a profile of the people we work with. The very hands behind La Tierra.


Founder, La Tierra

May 2017

I have had the great pleasure of working with Alex on the launch of my first collection for kids-wear label, Hunter + Boo.

Alex’s unique experience in the luxury retail sector coupled with her passion towards good customer service means her advice and suggestions have been an invaluable asset during our brand development process. 

Alex understands and appreciates the storytelling aspect of a brand’s progression, giving us the all-important distinctive edge to our launch. 

I very much value Alex’s opinion and wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Beth Medley

Co-Founder, Hunter + Boo

December 2016

"Just sharing this - I have recently engaged Alex to do a one week training for my sales girls (who are mainly part timers and students) to help them get up to speed on retail sales.

Alex has a very strong background from Europe, where she was working as Hermes Store Manager. She had been trained by Hermes and also had practical skill set to train employees who probably hasn’t experienced luxury themselves or still young at age.

So far, since 2 months have passed, I have since seen a tremendous difference on my gals’ marketing and sales in the shop. They can handle all sorts of women, and also knows when to bring out the champagne or coffee when the sales is closed.

I strongly recommend her service, should you know of anyone who needs to train their sales gals to get up to speed, especially when selling luxury items."



"To whom it may concern, I have had a pleasure working with Alexandra at LOREAL. First as her manager and later, as a colleague. I would at any point of time hire this wonderful individual back, should she decide to rejoin the company. I am convinced, she will be a true asset for any organization due to her positive personality, vision, commitment and rigor. In addition to that, she has passion and sophistication sought for in luxury business. Her high degree of empathy helps her build customer loyalty - an increasingly difficult task." 

Nataliya Chichkova, Nordic Category Director, L'OREAL