About ARBC

ARBC Service Excellence was founded in December 2016 by Alexandra Ravn Birger Christensen.

ARBC strives to bring out a brands full potential by delivering on all its promises and creating true value for customers. With small interactive steps ARBC aims to bring out the best in people so that they can provide better experiences for their customers and be the brand ambassadors that the brand and customer deserves. ARBCs coaching methods improves the level of service and therefore enhances the buying experience for customers whilst ensuring a larger basket size and returning customers. 

Improving the level of service in the retail and hospitality industry in Singapore by empowering staff with the right skills and confidence enhancing the shopping experience and strengthening the relationship with their customers. 

To ensure that service excellence becomes top priority in the retail and hospitality industry in Singapore. 

About Me

Our family business, Birger Christensen, was established in 1869. A company renowned for its exquisite service, beautiful products and craftsmanship. I grew up exposed to all aspects of the business surrounded by top brands and people who had a deep understanding of the luxury industry. It was engrained in me from a young age that it is the people that add value to the brand and that a passion for service is at the core of any successful retail business.  

I went on to get a Double Masters degree in Marketing Communication Management and International Management from Copenhagen Business School.

During my university years I also spent time studying and observing the luxury fashion industry in Paris, London and Milan where I lived for a period of time.

My professional life started out as product manager for Ralph Lauren, Cacharel, Armani and Yves Saint Laurent under the L'Oreal luxury product division umbrella in Denmark. From this I moved on to working in the family company working with brands such as Fendi, Chanel, Moncler, Salvatore Ferragamo, D&G and our own fur brand Birger Christensen. Then I moved on to being the store manager of the Hermes store in Copenhagen. 

At Hermes I learnt the true importance of service, thoroughness and craftsmanship. Everything associated with Hermes had to be 100% perfect. My husbands work brought me and my family to Singapore in 2015 where my passion for luxury and service luckily is shared by many. I now coach brands in providing a better service for the customers on every touchpoint, whether it be online or offline.